Relic Tattoo

Relic Tattoo

Relic Tattoo started in California, back in 2007.  Jason had been tattooing for over a decade and the town he moved to had no tattoo shop. Seemed like the logical next step.  He found that the only thing he liked more then tattooing was being able to do it without having a boss to answer to.


Jason wanted to have a tattoo shop that wasn’t your average “black pleather couch with checker board flooring”.  He wanted a space that reflected him; pieces of art from all over the world, antique carvings, oddities and unique taxidermy, eclectic and artistic. The goal was to create a space that had a mellow atmosphere and at the same time could keep your eyes entertained. The more of his personal collection he displayed the more he noticed how it helped his clients to remain calm during the tattoo. “The art and decorations give people distractions from the pain. Plus it helps start small talk, which is always appreciated when you have to sit in one place for hours”, says Jason.


With the same goals in mind, Relic was relocated to Eugene, Oregon.  Since Jasons collection had grown, his space needed to grow as well. The shop is now located in a turn of the century two-story home on the corner of 6th and Van Buren. “I love older homes and when I saw the porch I thought the space would be perfect for me” he says. Downstairs you will find a waiting room with a couch and some flash. But that is about as “typical tattoo shop” as it gets for Relic. The couch set is a hand carved collection of a phoenix and dragon battle. There is an assortment of drums, masks, hand-made baskets, paintings and fertility dolls from around the world. While Relic does not a piercer in Oregon, they do have a large collection of body jewelry. Just like everything else in this shop, a portion of the jewelry is antique and hand-made.


“I like things that are unique and one-of-a-kind. That is what I want Relic to be as well”


Starting over in a new state was intimidating, but Jason has been meeting wonderful and creative people and looks forward to seeing his art all over the beautiful state of Oregon.